System maintenance

We committed ourselves for the effective practical implementation of the quality management principles. We do all that can be expected that Euro-Borsod Trade Kft. continuously meets the requirements of our clients, as well as the expectation of the society. We make sure that we set our goals in a measurable way, provide the resources necessary to achieve them, and regularly check achievement. We strive to continuously improve Euro-Borsod Trade Kft. and to eliminate any errors. With the company's efforts for high quality work and in accordance with the requirements of the market and the customers, we implemented our quality assurance system according to ISO 9002. The application of the system was started on 1st March 1999. As a result of our continuous development work we changed over to standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 from 1st October 2002. The operation of our quality assurance system is revised by ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Kft. every year. In accordance with today's requirement for a responsible way of thinking we plan to adopt and certify the environment management system.



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